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by Shanna Cooper

Get Unfiltered

how can we individually understand who we are, if the voices internally aren't our own?


We live in a world with an overwhelming amount of noise; brands, influencers, celebrities, television/movies and media both indirectly and directly manipulating our thoughts, behavior, decisions and opinions with misinformation and biased/targeted marketing. With this constant exposure to every product, opinion, interview, claim and photo produced in real time, it raises the need to question how much of this content is dictating our personal lives and how genuine are we able to be with our decisions and actions while under the influence (aka filters) imposed on us.

How can we choose to purchase a product, if we don’t know the validity behind its ingredients, company and claims? How can we choose to support someone, if our judgements are made solely off of others’ hearsay backed in many instances by misinformation? How can we create a life full of passion and fulfillment as individuals, if we aren’t spending the time listening to what actually matters uniquely to us and consequently making thoughtful decisions based on what we believe (not what anyone else believes)? How can we decide what to trust in, if we aren’t fully invested/trusting in our own selves?

Most importantly, how can we individually understand who we are, if the voices internally aren’t our own?

Its time that we told everyone else to shut the fuck up. It’s time that we took a moment to get comfortable with the quiet by ourselves. And we don’t mean in a spiritual way (although that does absolutely have its time and place which we will certainly discuss on this platform). We mean in a practical, communicative and nitty gritty way to determine what is it we care about, what we want in our own lives and with whom we want to surround ourselves. To determine what products we want to see in front of us everyday. To look at these products as a choice we made because it inspires us or excites us; whether it be the brand, the label or the product itself. To purchase because it supports the lifestyle and person we truly desire to be.

To understand what matters uniquely to us, we first have to understand who we are as a person whether it be as creators, dreamers, doers, travelers, artists, business geniuses,  leaders, parents, friends, siblings etc. Whatever it is we identify as, both in gender and character and no matter how many traits or passions we decide to build that identity with, we must embrace all of them, and be both confidently and subconsciously applying them to every single facet of our lives.  If we can stop giving an absolute fuck if others’ do not understand it or resonate with it, then we can stand comfortably in our principles and passions, and live fully devoted to them.

It’s time that we stop surrounding ourselves with things that are filtering us.

It’s time that we stop losing our individuality, walking around blocked.

Its time that we start getting unfiltered.


Our perceptions, understandings, feelings, reactions, opinions, and decisions are easily being driven by things that are blocking our own internal clarity and understanding. Thus leading us to feel that we are in a mandatory competition with ourselves and our own happiness for the rest of our lives.

- Shanna Cooper -

Be Unfiltered

The definition of filtered, according to Merriam-webster, is to be made less intense, full, or pure by being partially blocked.

Such a simple word that came to existence long before any of us reading this were even born. But a word that has now risen in its significance and its existence on a daily basis to an almost suffocating level.  In order to truly understand the Birds & Blokes perception of the word filtered, we are going to ask you to look beyond the literal meaning of filters; to look beyond it being just those photo editing tools found on our phones and apps. To look at it as an intangible presence standing beside us every minute of every day silently influencing our perception of things.

That advertisement that just popped up on our phones making a bold claim that we should be doing or using something with the guarantee of providing an instant change? FILTERED. Those reviews on three different store websites? the exact same reviews across all three platforms and FILTERED. That beautiful human’s face that just appeared on our screens with a compelling caption dictating to us what we should be doing or how we should look? caption FILTERED, intention FILTERED. That cosmetic store we walk into full of staff claiming their hg products, supporting by high res. edited photos and bot or sponsored product reviews? FILTERED. That video we watched of someone else telling us to buy a product because its actually sponsored ad? FILTERED. The voice we heard in that podcast or reel stating their opinion as if it were fact? FILTERED. That celebrity that launched a skincare brand purely because of their celebrity status when they are most likely not even using themselves? FILTERED.

These things are literally filtered with edits, targeted messaging/intention or a biased opinion while filtering (blocking) us from feeling, saying or acting a certain way. Sometimes this occurs in a micro way, while other times it occurs in a macro way.

Our perceptions, understandings, feelings, reactions, opinions, and decisions are easily being driven by things that are blocking our own internal clarity and understanding. Thus leading us to feel that we are in a mandatory competition with ourselves and our own happiness for the rest of our lives. Someone else’s claims, photos, or targeted ads are convincing us to be doing something different, buying something different, taking a different career path, presenting ourselves in a less than genuine way or feeling a different way, subtly making us feel unworthy or miserable because we don’t quite look, feel, dress or act like that. Leading us to a life where our passions were somehow left on the side of the road ironically while we are constantly told that our work must be our passion.

Now, we aren’t saying that it is wrong to listen to these outside voices, or to take them into consideration. It is not wrong to trust in brands and products or people if we choose to. What we are saying is that we need to view them with a clear mind backed by a strong internal stance. We must do our own research to determine who we can trust, what ingredients/products we can trust, and what brand we can trust. We must not let them decide for us what is it is we want, need or follow. We must not let them dress us or choose our career/passion for us.  We must use them as simply as suggestions or things to take into consideration and determine if they align with what we already felt we wanted, needed or would follow by becoming unfiltered. We must not let them filter us to where we are nothing more than a consuming empty shell. This is why so many of us feel the anxiety that we do, the feelings of being unfulfilled and find ourselves sitting stuck. Many of us aren’t living our lives in our own lanes. Many of us are glancing at these biased, bullshit, filtered signs as they pass by, driving as if they are holding our steering wheels or with our Teslas on filtered auto drive.

The only way for us to have more passion and more fulfillment,  is to be unfiltered. We must be brands, people, and products that are striving to be nothing but honest, passionate and supportive of the concept of individuality. To embrace the idea that every single person can interpret any word, event, outfit, etc in whatever way they possibly want to.

This is why we are called Birds & Blokes. Two British slang words that have always had very clear and distinct meanings..until now. Birds & Blokes is a brand that rejects conventions and norms, and allows individuals to decide for themselves what the hell a Bird is or what the hell a Bloke is. They are whatever we want it to be. Whatever it means to be each one of us.

We aim to be a platform that inspires people to make decisions based solely on personal values without any heavy influence or blocking. A platform that acknowledges the plethora of noise and mixed messaging out there and intends to simplify it by providing a safe haven for both knowledge and consumption, with clear and honest messaging. To inspire you to identify what it is you’re passionate about and build a life on it. Our product offering is designed to support you in any endeavor or in any passionate life you decide to embark on. Products that are both reliable and effective but also efficient. By not offering highly edited content, we never intend to impose a set of values on you. We are a platform that wants you to have a voice while exposing yourself to content that invigorates, teaches and inspires you. We need to know your voice, your passions, your creativity and desires in order to even exist. We want you to thrive while you help us thrive. Birds & Blokes is not just a brand intending to be a brand, it is a brand with the goal of being a community/safe haven for the creatives, the rebels, the dreamers, the doers, the forward thinkers, the world changers, the introverts, the extroverts, the slightly left of center, and the lovers. A place where everyone can go to figure out what the hell is filtering them from being their true selves.

It’s time that we all live unfiltered.

Who's Filtering You?

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