Body care for every body.


    Be Unfiltered.

    In a world full of overload, I wanted to make things simple.

    I struggled for years to find a body care line that was easy to travel with, actually nourished the skin without causing unwanted side effects, and wasn't so gender specific that you had no choice but to be left smelling like a flower garden or giant coconut or without any suitable options. 

    With a background in nutrition and a love for health/wellness, skincare and simplicity, I decided to develop a line featuring all natural ingredients to focus on healing first and nourishment second housed under a brand that not only provides consumers with honesty but education and reliability.

    Birds & Blokes is a platform for everyone, no matter how you identify and whether you lean more masculine or feminine.

    A platform to not only inform and educate, but also spark conversation and provide products that support you in your passionate journey. 

    We believe in using products and being supported by a brand that represent the ideal lifestyle:

    one that is a little more efficient,
    a little more creative,
    and a lot less filtered.

    -Shanna Cooper

    It’s time that efficiency and efficacy work together.