Our BRAND Manifesto


We think that there are too many brands out there and not enough passionate owners.

We think the meaning of a brand comes from the intention with which it is created and the passion with which it is developed.

We think that a brand must disrupt - disrupt with alternative thinking combined with consideration for the familiar.

We think that a brand’s voice should be irreverent.

We think that a brand should embrace the creative ones, the alternative ones, the passionate ones, and the ones who dream of a more meaningful life.

We think that a brand should support the concept of consumers making heartfelt and intentional purchasing decisions.

We think that the future of branding lies in the honesty, creativity, care and transparency of the creators.

We think that power lies in passion - the passion for a concept, quality, detail, and care of vendor/customer relationships.

We think that we are nothing without the creative ones that work for us.

We think that Steve McQueen’s take on life is brilliant :
“Everyone deserves not just to survive. But to live.”

We think that we should stop looking to others on social media to dictate how we should be living and take time to listen to our own hearts (and some rock n’ roll).

We think that London made us who we are:
with some New York City nights, Marfa desert sights
and a few lyrics by Freddie Mercury.

We think that you may only be in your 20s, 30s or 40s once,
but you can stay creatively rebellious and fearless forever.

We think that art, no matter how dark, always has an inspirational light
- it's all up to your interpretation.

We think that there should be a platform that makes room for meaningful conversations, no matter how uncomfortable the topic, and allows those with big ideas to get the support they need.

We think that it is time for a brand to start asking: who’s filtering you?

We think that body care encompasses the nurturing of your heart, your mind, your interior, your exterior, your style, your dreams, your passions, your ideas and your opinions.

We think that it is time for body care for every body.

We think there should be no filters given - so kindly stop reading this and go disrupt this world.