efficiency. honesty. efficacy.

A lifestyle brand designed to live life unfiltered.

We feel that the effectiveness of a skincare product comes from the intention and attention to detail with which it is made.

The first and only nanosilver (not the silver you think) 4 step skincare line designed for both your face & your body.

Nanosilver is a powerful anti-microbial engineered to kill even the most resistant bacteria. 



Nanosilver is a powerful ingredient that fights the growth of bacteria, rapidly heals the skin and protects it from environmental stressors.

What Is Nanosilver?



I am constantly traveling and on the go so having a line that is not only convenient, offers travel sizes, and looks cool but is also effective was amazing to find! My skin has cleared up (face and body) and I never feel the need to wear makeup! I bought one of the tees and have worn it more times than I want to admit.

Joanna W.
Los Angeles, CA

The nanosilver in this line is a game changer - Ive never seen my skin/body look so healthy. Love the travel size options so that I never have to panic when I travel. 

Amelia S.
Washington, DC

A brand that is cool, convenient and efficient? SOLD - best products I have tried.

Emma F.
New York, NY

One of the best skincare/body product lines I have tried - and so affordable! 

Sophia R.
Nashville, TN

We are pledged to donate 1% of all sales.


Discover our exclusive nano technology in a convenient face & body gender neutral 4 step system.


Shop the unfiltered. Live unfiltered.
Convenient & Reliable
Travel Sizes

We believe that you should travel the world at any given time.

We believe that a body care line should be adaptable to that.

We made all B&B products travel ready.

be unfiltered.

about birds & Blokes

We think that there are too many brands out there and not enough passionate owners.

We think that a brand must disrupt.

We think that there should be a platform that makes room for meaningful conversations.

We think that it is time for a brand to start asking: who’s filtering you?

We think that it is time for body care for every body.

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I dreamt of simplicity in a world full of overload.

I dreamt of a skincare line that would actually work on both my face and body, wouldn’t irritate my sensitive skin or trigger my symptoms of Lyme disease.

I dreamt of a wellness line that I could count on when traveling or at home that my partner and I could share.

I dreamt of a concept that would continue to evolve beyond skincare and apparel, into a lifestyle.

I dreamt of a brand that encompassed the entrepreneurial, the creative and the bold, the masculine and the feminine, the artistic and passionate.

I created Birds & Blokes.


Nanosilver, not to be confused with colloidal silver or other metals, is a powerful antimicrobial engineered to kill the most resistant bacteria out there (including MRSA and VRE). Nanosilver has wowed us with its ability to clear all of our skin ailments, keep it clear and give our skin superior protection from environmental damage due to its 24 hour life cycle. Bonus? It causes zero side effects!

While we do like to say that B&B was created for the dreamers, doers, creators, risk takers, travelers, entrepreneurs, and passionate ones; there is no doubt that B&B is made for everyone - no matter how you identify or how sensitive your skin is- wherever you are in the world.

It really does! Our products were formulated to be efficient and keep your skin so healthy that you can be unfiltered from head to toe.

Our products (except for our perfumes) are formulated without the addition of any fragrances. However, some ingredients do have a natural scent that you simply cannot remove - i.e we keep our ingredients in their most natural state.

The B&B concept stems from a London heart but the products are made in the USA - most of them just outside of NYC.

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